Lance Talks 'Magical' 'N Sync Reunion, Disses Gaga

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Everyone is still talking about 'N Sync's epic reunion during Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, and now Lance Bass is elaborating on the "magical moment."

"It was just the perfect timing. It was just kismet really happened last week. It was just a magical, magical moment," Bass told AP about the show-stealing 90 seconds. "And especially just for us being on the inside and a part of this. The whole family that we created with 'N Sync, with the record label to management to crew to band to dancers, they were all there with us this week."

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And though by Sunday night, the news had already spread that the beloved boy band would reunite, he revealed that everyone still did their best to keep it a secret.

"We had to perform in the middle of the arena so there was no way of getting us out there without being seen. So they dressed us in big ol' hoodies to pretend we were the stage hands," he recalled.

"So we would push out the stage and do all the stage hand stuff until we got to the area we needed to and then we hid out beneath a staircase."

But the only person more talked-about than the 'N Sync boys from this year's VMAs is definitely Miley Cyrus, thanks to her racy We Can't Stop/Blurred Lines performance, and Bass definitely had a few thoughts about the controversial moment.

"I think, unfortunately I think when young artists, especially coming from a Disney background, you always want to try to change that image. I even try to change that image. Everyone still thinks of me as that 16-year-old in 'N Sync," he sympathized. "So it is hard to grow up in this business. With her, she's trying out a different image, she's trying out a new theme."

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He then threw some not so subtle shade at Lady Gaga.

"In this day and age, you're always looking for that shock," he said. "Lady Gaga does it. Everyone is like, 'What can I do just to really shock people.' But Lady Gaga and a lot of other people have really missed the mark a lot when it goes over people's heads."

Bass also got candid about Miley stealing the spotlight from Robin Thicke.

"That's the sad thing. More people are talking about his Beetlejuice outfit more than his performance. But at least people are talking," he said. "I think he did get overshadowed, for sure. I mean when there's dancing pink bears around and you got Miley half-naked, that's definitely gonna outdo you."