Laila Ali on Biggest Lesson from Dad


Laila Ali is opening up in a new interview about what's it's like to be the daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

Laila, 35, sat down with Pfizer's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall for the Health Studio series. Laila tells Dr. Lewis-Hall, "I think that the greatest lesson I learned from my father is just having compassion towards people."

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Laila continues fondly, "My father loves people. No matter what their race, no matter what their position in life, he treated everyone with kindness and love and respect. And that was instilled in me just by watching him."

And her two young children, Curtis, 4, and Sydney, 2, will also undoubtedly feel their grandfather's influence. Laila says, "I just think when they actually figure out and learn and understand who their grandfather is, it's going to be amazing. Because he stood for so much."

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