Kirk Cameron Reminisces on Meeting Wife


Two decades after the finale of Growing Pains, Kirk Cameron recounts the uncanny experience of meeting his wife and then marrying her after the sitcom's sixth season.

Although Cameron and his wife, Chelsea Noble, fell in love while their characters were dating on Growing Pains, the two first met on the set of Full House, on which Cameron's younger sister, Candace ("D.J. Tanner") held a recurring role.

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Cameron remembers his mother, who had gotten to know Noble on the set of Full House, praising her and uttering something that now seems more like a prophesy.

"I came home and my mom said to me...'She's even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside. ... I just want you to know, if you ever meet a girl and you get married, I hope she's someone just like her,'" he reminisces. "Four years later, I married her."

Five years after they married, Cameron and his wife adopted their first of four children, and later had two biological children in the early 2000s. With his children pursuing a variety of interests, Cameron says he enjoys the diversity.

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"That's what a family is: a whole bunch of people coming together," the 42-year-old actor and producer said. "Some of our kids are adopted and some kids are natural-born—I forget which ones are which. Family's just amazing. We think that of everything that we could do in the world...if you don't take of your family and raise your kids, you lose."

After years of acting primarily in TV shows and made-for-TV movies, Cameron has recently taken a turn towards documentaries. With that new venue has also come a new role for him, as he's transitioned into the role of writer/producer in addition to acting.

For his upcoming documentary Unstoppable, which confronts the religious conundrum of God's presence in tragedy and suffering, Cameron wrote and produced the film in addition to starring in it.

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"For so many years, I've been an actor acting in other people's movies, and in 'Unstoppable,' I'm producing it and I have an opportunity to create some of that excitement with style and form and different color templates and things like that," he said enthusiastically. "So, as an artist, it's really exciting."

Watch the full interview above to hear Cameron talk about Unstoppable, in theaters September 24, as well as whether he keeps in touch with the Growing Pains cast.