Newton-John's Daughter Gets Candid on Drug Use


After years of alcohol and drug abuse, Olivia Newton John's daughter Chloe Lattanzi is on the road to sobriety, and sitting down with ET to open up about her once-secret struggle.

Confessing to a cocaine habit that began in her early 20s, Lattanzi told our Brooke Anderson that her days once revolved around the illicit substance.

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"Doing blow in the morning, and doing it for lunch and dinner, and kind of not sleeping," is how the now 27-year-old described her day-to-day life before she decided to seek help.

Though Lattanzi's mother was slow to catch on to her daughter's addiction issues, she tried as best she could to put her on the right path.

"She was very worried about me," Lattanzi remembered. "The sad thing is I'm an adult. She couldn't put me somewhere."

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Now a few months into her journey towards sobriety (credited to fiancé James Driscoll), a forthcoming Lattanzi admitted to a relapse with alcohol a few weeks ago.

"The reason that I'm opening up about this is because I don't want anyone to have to hide it like I did."