Newton-John's Daughter Reflects on Eating Disorder


Yesterday on ET, Olivia Newton-John's daughter opened up about her struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. Today, the 27-year-old laid bare another one of her demons, anorexia.

At her lowest weight, Chloe Lattanzi carried about 90 pounds on her 5'6" frame. Looking back on her bone-thin appearance today, she is "embarrassed."

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"I don't recognize myself," she remarks while viewing a vintage ET interview conducted when Lattanzi was 21, at the height of her disorder. "It embarrasses me...It's just really sad because I was just a little girl, and now I look at it and I look like a walking skeleton."

Now healthy and happy (credited to her personal trainer fiancé James Driscoll), Lattanzi says it took some time to recover mentally and physically from her anorexia. Most noticeably, her appearance has changed drastically in the years since—a point gossipers have credited to plastic surgery.

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"It's just recovery," Lattanzi defends of her seemingly changing facial features. "I think if you get a little fat in your face you look different."