Beyonce's Ex Fondly Remembers Their Teen Romance


Long before she would become Mrs. Carter, Beyonce Knowles enjoyed a nine-year romance with Lyndall Locke, a fellow church cheerleader in Houston, Texas. In his first television interview about his super-famous ex, the 32-year-old professional chef at Knotty Pine Catering reminisces about the day they first met.

A then 13-year-old Locke was attached when he was initially introduced to Beyonce, 11, by their mutual friend Kelly Rowland. Almost 20 years later, he fondly recalls the moment he fell in love.

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"I [couldn't] even do cheerleading practice because [I was] staring. I remember what she had on and everything. I remember her hair, I remember it all," says Locke, who was so struck by the "nice," "down-to-earth" singer he immediately broke up with his then-girlfriend and went on a mission to obtain Beyonce's phone number.

"That night when I went home, I called a friend to get Kelly's phone number, and I was going to call Kelly to get Beyonce's phone number… So I call Kelly…'Hey Kelly, this is Lyndall. It might be weird, but I was calling because I wanted to get Beyonce's phone number.' The other side said, 'This is Beyonce.'"

Despite their awkward start, the two dated well into their teens and even talked about tying the knot. Unfortunately, Locke's wandering eye put an end to their relationship and, a short time later, Beyonce became involved with the man who would ultimately become her husband, rapper Jay Z.

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"In the beginning I figured it'll fizzle. I mean, 'cause he was a lot older than her. And if I can mess something up, I know he can mess something up too," he admits. "Any man who's ten years older than a younger woman, you know, they gotta be able to mess it up. I'm just like, 'Come on, come on, come on.' But then if you think about it, any man, they know how not to mess it up also."

Click the video for more, including Locke's remorse about letting go of Beyonce, who he dubbed "the most beautiful woman in the world."