Prince Harry Spends the Night in Sub-Zero Freezer

Getty Images

While people in many parts of the world are still braving scorching summer temperatures, Britain's Prince Harry spent last night in a sub-zero freezer to prepare for an upcoming charity race to the South Pole.

Harry spent about 20 hours inside the cold chamber training facility in Warwickshire, U.K. with other team members who will compete with him during a 208-mile toboggan race, the BBCreported.

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After being questioned about being subjected to temperatures of minus 35 degrees and winds of 45 mph inside the giant freezer, Harry admitted it was a very cold night's sleep and revealed the worst part for him was "going in."

The South Pole Allied Challenge -- during which Harry will team up with four teammates who lost limbs fighting in Afghanistan -- will take place in November to raise money for the prince's Walking With The Wounded charity, the BBC reported.

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