Truce? Kanye To Appear On Kimmel's Show

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Kanye West wasn't too thrilled about Jimmy Kimmel mocking him on his late-night talk show, and he let the Twitterverse know it this past month. Now, it seems the Yeezus rapper will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Will the men bury the hatchet, or will this online feud come to a head?

Kimmel made the announcement on Tuesday, Oct. 8, via Twitter:

The host also revealed that Dr. Phil will be present. "Kanye and I had a disagreement a couple of weeks ago, and it got a little bit out of hand," he said on Tuesday's JKL. "Tomorrow night [Oct. 9], we will sit down and discuss it like normal people do -- on television. It'll just be us, and Dr. Phil. And neither of us is leaving until this government shutdown gets solved. So if you've always wanted to see a talk-show host get strangled by a pair of leather jogging pants, join us tomorrow."

The beef between West and Kimmel all started when the host broadcast a Kid Re-Kreation sketch (WATCH) featuring young children reciting quotes from West's recent BBC interview, in which the rapper declared himself the "No. 1 rock star on the planet," as well as a few more, shall we say, immodest declarations.

Then on his show, Kimmel revealed that the Watch The Throne artist had called him on the phone (WATCH). "He told me I had two choices. One was to apologize publicly, and that was really the only choice," the host recalled to a laughing audience. "The other choice he gave is that my life is going to be much better if I apologize."

As is evident, the 36-year-old rapper did not enjoy Kimmel's parody, and on Thursday, Sept. 26, he lashed out at the funnyman in a series of tweets, of which Kimmel recited on the air. A few of the messages, which were later removed from West's Twitter, read:  

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In addition to mentioning the feud on his show, Kimmel, 45, also reacted to West's angry messages via Twitter, writing:

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What do you think will happen when West shows up on JKL?