'Bridget Jones' Author Kills Off Mark Darcy


Bridget Jones's Diary fans brace yourself -- author Helen Fielding just confirmed that Mark Darcy, aka the love of Bridget's life, will be killed off in the saga's highly anticipated third novel, Bridget Jones's Diary, Mad About The Boy.

Extracts of Mad About a Boy were published in the Sunday Times Magazine, revealing that Bridget did in fact marry Mark and had two children with him, though she is now a widow bringing up their kids alone. The book takes off five years after Darcy's death, in which the now 51-year-old famously unlucky-in-love heroine finds herself back in the singles market.

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To say fans are outraged at the shocking revelation is an understatement.

"Mark Darcy has died in the new Bridget Jones, there is now no point to life," "Why the f*** would you kill mark darcy oh my god this is the worst news ever," are just some of the amusingly angry tweets making the rounds after the news broke.

... Though fan outrage is pretty justified in this situation, no?

I mean, anyone who has seen Colin Firth utter the line, "No, I like you very much. Just as you are," in the film adaptation of Bridget Jones's Diary has to be absolutely dying right now. Fans have been following Bridget and Mark's journey for two beloved books now (and two insanely popular films), so to kill him off in the third one reads like a seriously bad move just to get Bridget to be single again.

....So what's Fielding going to have Bridget do now? Go on OurTime.com?!

But fans of Hugh Grant's bad boy Daniel Cleaver are definitely going to want to read on -- he's still in her life in the third one, serving as the "naughty" godfather to Bridget and Mark's children.

Which opens up the door to the possibility of Bridget and Daniel ultimately ending up together.

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Firth himself was cryptic when discussing the possibility of a third Bridget Jones film to the Chicago Sun-Timesin April.

"Unfortunately, it might be a bit of a long wait," he said. "I wouldn't say that it's completely dead in the water, but the way it's going you might be seeing Bridget Jones' granddaughter’s story being told by the time we get there. … And the story is going in an interesting direction."

But with the news of no Mark Darcy in this world, who even wants a third film?!