Julianne Moore 'Thrilled' to Receive Star

Julianne Moore 'Thrilled' to Receive Star

Julianne Moore was engraved in Hollywood history on Thursday, when she received the 2,507th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Among those in attendance to honor the actress at the unveiling of her star were her family, friends, and colleagues, including Carrie co-star Chloë Grace Moretz, Game Change director Jay Roach, and Don Jon filmmaker Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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"An actress like Julie, she's not faking it when she's performing; she's feeling the things that the character's feeling. It's a difficult thing to do and it's a fine line, but an audience can tell it right away," Gordon-Levitt praised of Moore in his speech.

Moore made her acting beginnings on television in the mid-'80s with the long-running soap opera As the World Turns, nabbing a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in 1988.

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She made her film debut two years later in the horror film Tales from the Darkside: The Movie and soon after began pumping out films, acting in six films from 1992 to '93. In 1997, Moore made a splash with her role in the cherished drama Boogie Nights, which earned her her first Oscar, Golden Globes, and SAG Awards nominations.

Since then, Moore has received an additional three Oscar nominations, six Golden Globes nominations, and five SAG Awards nominations, most recently being granted her first Golden Globe and SAG awards for her portrayal of politician Sarah Palin in the HBO film Game Change.

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"I never expected this; I really didn't. I'm thrilled and shocked to be included in this community on the Walk of Fame," Moore said as she took the podium at Thursday morning's ceremony. "I'm even more gratified that my pursuit of the imaginary has led to so much real life for me."

Watch the video to see Julianne Moore's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame become unveiled for the first time.