Nancy & Rob Get Shot by the Best


What do Carrie Underwood, Zooey Deschanel and Blake Shelton have in common? They've all been photographed by Russ Harrington, and now ET's Nancy O'Dell and Rob Marciano have had the honor of standing before Harrington's expert lens.

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Between shots O'Dell got the lowdown on what it's like to work with Harrington's celebrity clients!

When asked about Carrie Underwood's talent as a model, Harrington said, "The hard thing is to stop shooting."

O'Dell was happy to find out that her friend Blake Shelton also left a positive impression on Harrington.

"I remember he grabbed me by the head and just kissed me on the top of the head right in the middle of the shoot," Harrington said. "That's just Blake."

With 600 album covers under his belt, Harrington is set to open his very first photo exhibit on October 11 at the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville.