What Gordon Ramsay Eats During Triathlon Training


Even Gordon Ramsay needs a break to escape the heat of the kitchen, and his latest diversion is training for and participating in triathlons, which landed him on the cover of Triathlete Magazine.

ET obtained exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Ramsay's Triathlete Magazine cover shoot and an interview with the chef and TV personality about his affection for triathlons.

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"Even when I finish shooting, or even cooking, there's something quite unique about spending that quality time on your own, so I've become a little bit more selfish with my individual time and dedicated my downtime to training in a big way 'cause I see it as a way of rest," Ramsay said of training for triathlons.

The Scottish restaurateur highlighted that while he is traveling for various work-related occasions, he is graced with some of the most beautiful countrysides in the world and enjoys exploring them in the open.

He says that after running in about a dozen marathons and ultramarathons, he wanted to switch it up and challenge himself with the triathlon's individual challenges: swimming, biking, and running.

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Ramsay's cover comes only a few days before he competes in the IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. He and over 2,000 other athletes will exert every ounce of energy they have as they trek 140.6 miles along the Kona Coast.

As an experienced head chef, Ramsay has a good understanding of nutrition, which helps him select hearty, healthy training and pre-race meals.

"My pre-race meal [consists of] a lot of fish, a lot of iron, a lot of spinach—not literally a week before but like a month out," he shared. "... I'm eating more, obviously 'cause of the intense training, so I'm enjoying food a lot more."

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When he finally crosses the finish line after the grueling race is finished, Ramsay says he'll have a satisfying celebratory meal consisting of a 16-18 oz. T-bone and a glass of wine—or the entire bottle.

"Sot having a glass of wine, I'll probably end up finishing the bottle. Trust me," he said.

Watch the video for the exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Gordon Ramsay's photo shoot in the November issue of Triathlete Magazine, on newsstands now.