Billy Ray on Miley: I Should've Twerked at CMAs


Much has been said about Miley's recent VMA performance, but in a candid interview with ET's Nancy O'Dell, Miley's dad Billy Ray had an unconventional way of looking at his daughter's controversial number.

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Looking back on his career, Billy joked that had he twerked on the CMAs at the height of his career, he may have created an even greater legacy.

"[She] knew [she] had to reinvent, coming out of this mammoth monster known as Hannah Montana," said Billy Ray, who was proud of Miley's daring decision. "[I] spent almost 20 years trying to find what is that thing to bring you out of the eclipse of a monster?"

Of course, Billy Ray's "monster" was the 90s hit Achy Breaky Heart.

"I can only judge what Billy Ray Cyrus does and I'm doing my best to keep his ass out of trouble," Billy Ray continued.

The country singer has stayed out of trouble and kept busy as of late. His book, Hillbilly Heart, and latest album, Change My Mind, are in stores now.