Melissa Joan Hart Remembers Her Wild Days

Melissa Joan Hart Remembers Her Wild Days

Much has been said about Melissa Joan Hart's September revelation of past drug use and a steamy same-sex make out session in her younger years, but the Melissa & Joey star tells ET that she hopes people take the time to read her memoir before they judge.

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Now 37 and a mother to three sons, Melissa opens up to our Brooke Anderson on the set of the ABC Family hit's special Christmas episode (airing in December) that she indeed gave the Hollywood scene a try, but her life now is a far cry from that in her 20s.

"I had some party days like we all do," she said, likening the experimental period with most young adults' experience in college. "I'm not going to deny it but, at the same time there's more to me and my story and my book."

The book, Melissa Explains it All, details the actress' experience before and after finding fame on Nickelodeon's Clarissa Explains it All. In it, she looks back at a time she experimented with weed, shrooms and ecstasy—the latter she admitted to doing the night before an iconic shoot with Maxim magazine.

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While that disclosure stirred up questions of whether Melissa ever arrived high to the set of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, the actress cleared up that speculation with an assured "never."

"[The Maxim shoot] was the one time in my career really that I really just overstepped boundaries," Melissa said.

Melissa Explains it All will be available for purchase on October 29, 2013.