Katy Perry Looks Back on Her 1st Interview with ET


ET has been on Team Katy Perry since the singer first made noise on the scene, but little did we know that the pop princess was on Team ET.

Perry, 28, tells ET's Rob Marciano that the show was a part of her upbringing, saying, "I watched ET growing up. It was a part of my family life."

"You guys have always been very big supporters of me and whoever is on my side I like to give back," Perry added.

We've been with Perry since 2008 when we visited the set of her Thinking of You music video.

ET's first interview with Perry shows that she always had a good sense of humor. In the clip, Perry jokes about mooning paparazzi that were trying to photograph her on set.

Watch the video to see Perry's reaction to her 2008 self. And be sure to check out Perry's latest album, Prism, when it drops October 22. You can pre-order the album on iTunes now!

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