Ron Perlman Helps Out His Fellow Actors


While his Sons Of Anarchy co-star Charlie Hunnam was in a Fifty Shades of Grey media frenzy, Ron Perlman was playing golf for a good cause.

The actor, who plays Clarence 'Clay' Morrow on the hit FX show, hosted the Actors Fore Actors charity golf event on Oct. 7, 2013 to raise money for the Screen Actors Guild Foundation. The foundation supports a number of different programs, but perhaps the most personal for the actors participating is the foundation's Catastrophic Health Fund and Assistance Program.

As those attending the event pointed out, the life of an actor can be an exercise in riding out peaks and valleys. In this case, SAG's Catastrophic Health Fund lends support, and helps with the ever-increasing cost of health care and medical aid.

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"Well the minute I found out about the SAG foundation, I said 'Thank God that there's an organization that's completely apolitical and purely philanthropic,'" said Perlman, 63. "It's just great to be able to know that there's a little bit of a cushion if you start falling."

War of the Worlds actor David Alan Basche agreed, commending the work of SAG as a necessity for actors. When asked about his participation in the charity event, Basche said, "It's hard enough having steady work. We've been so lucky, so fortunate, to make a living as actors. I think it's an obligation to give something back."

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Check out the clip for more from these generation actors, and learn more about why the Screen Actors Guild Foundation matters to the performers who entertain us every day. This was the first annual New York Golf Classic, and SAG hopes to make this charity fundraiser a yearly star-studded event.