Bieber's Mom's Advice to Parents Of Child Stars


Parents to any young celebrity in Hollywood have their job cut out for them. And arguably no one knows this more than Justin Bieber's mom, Pattie Mallette. In a special interview for the video parenting siteKids In The House, Pattie offers advice to parents of rising stars.

"I think in my own experience I've learned that its really important to surround your child with the right people," she advises. Adding that, "All the different people you put around them on their team are going to be a role model to them in some sense or fashion so it's really important to pay attention to who those people are."

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In the clip Pattie, who has guided her famous son every step of his rise to teen superstardom, explains that pursuing music professionally for Justin was not her initial plan.

"I never went out looking for fame for my son or anything. In fact I was shooing people away at first and saying, 'No, we're not interested. This is not for him, this is not for us.'"

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Watch the exclusive clip above and see Pattie recall the moment that began Justin's storied music career.