Stars Affected By LAX Shooting


Several celebrities took to social media Friday morning to voice concern over the shooting that took place at the Los Angeles International Airport.

Actor James Franco Instagrammed a pic from his airplane, captioning, "At #lax Some s** tbag shot up the place."

Additionally, MythBusters star Tory Belleci, who along with co-host Grant Imahara was in the airport at the time and evacuated, sent out several tweets about the ongoing situation, including, "We are being shuttled away from the terminal now. Eye witness said the shooter had an assault riffle. (sic)"

A statement from The Science Channel and Discovery Channel later confirmed that Belleci and Imahara were safe after being in the terminal at the time of the shooting, and thanked "the members of the LAPD, Airport Police, TSA, and Virgin America staff for restoring safety to the scene."

Former Jonas Brother Nick Jonas tweeted that his plane was re-directed during the shooting, adding, "Currently waiting on the plane in a remote parking area. I am safe. Praying for the victims of this shooting."

Glee actress Amber Riley tweeted, "I have family that work at LAX. God, what is happening in this world. Smh. Prayers up."

After flying in from New York, Dancing With The Stars host Tom Bergeron tweeted out a picture to his followers, along with the message, "Flew 3000 miles from NY. LAX is in shutdown. Now we're all walking."

Authorities have confirmed that the shooter, who they believe acted alone, has been taken into custody, and several victims have been transported to area hospitals.The Travel Safety Administration has confirmed that one agent was killed in the shooting.