Kidnapping Victim on 'Unthinkable' Torture


Cleveland kidnapping victim Michelle Knight spent one third of her life imprisoned by Ariel Castro, and now she's revealing the sordid details of her "11 years in hell" to Dr. Phil.

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Before her escape, Knight was repeatedly raped by Ariel and impregnated five times. Each time she was with child, Ariel forced her to miscarriage by physically abusing her.

"He punched me with a barbell," said Knight. "I fell to the floor. I felt bad for the child."

Knight was held captive along with Gina DeJesus and Amanda Berry. When Berry became pregnant, it was Knight who was charged with delivering the baby in a swimming pool. Knight spoke about the experience only from her point of view, not wanting to speak for Berry.

Even in dealing with the aftermath of her imprisonment (Knight's vision and hearing has substantially deteriorated as a result of her confinement), the 31-year-old did not allow herself to find pleasure at the news of his suicide. Knight told Dr. Phil that she "won't celebrate the death of anyone, even him."

Part two of Dr. Phil's interview with Knight airs tomorrow.