Debbie Rowe Still Misses MJ 'Every Day'


Despite their 1999 divorce, Debbie Rowe stayed close to Michael Jackson until he died and now she's opening up to ET's Rob Marciano about grieving for the father of her children.

Rowe revealed that four years after MJ's death she still misses Michael "every day."

Indeed the Jackson family as a whole has had a difficult time in the wake of Michael's passing. Daughter Paris made headlines when she overdosed on Motrin pills over the summer in an apparent suicide attempt.

"I am maternal," said Rowe, who has made her home a "safe house" for her children with Michael. "Despite what people think, I am maternal."

Rowe admitted that one of the most hurtful misconceptions said about her is that she does things for money.

"I don't care how old you are, it's hurtful," said Rowe.

Today, Rowe is a full-time horse breeder and her Painted Desert Ranch is auctioning a horse to benefit Saddle Up Therapeutic Riding Stable.

The auction is taking place on Debbie's birthday, December 6. Watch the video for more.