Matt Lauer & Al Roker Undergo Live Prostate Exams

The Today Show

In an effort to urge male viewers to follow their lead, Today show anchors Matt Lauer and Al Roker went "under the glove" to receive prostate exams live on the air Thursday morning.

No cameras were actually in the room when both men underwent the "digital rectal" procedure, but Lauer and Roker spoke to Lauer's doctor, David Samadi, before and after the exams, which lasted about half-a-minute. NBC News chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman provided additional information about men's prostate health.

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"It doesn't hurt at all, and it took 34 seconds," Lauer, 55, said after his procedure. "Is it the best 34 seconds of your life? Probably not. But if in 34 seconds a guy like this can detect something that could save your life, it's worth it." He added that he's already been getting exams for the past few years because of his family health history.

Despite the serious nature of the issue, Dr. Samadi lightened the mood by joking, "What [Lauer] doesn't know is that I had to lose five pounds in order to make my finger a little smaller." Providing results of the test, he told Lauer his prostate was "healthy, normal size and smooth" and that no nodules were detected that could indicate potential problems.

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"It's a little enlarged, but it's not terrible," Dr. Samadi added about Roker, whom he said should continued to be re-checked every six months to a year to see if there are any changes. For his part, Roker said while the procedure was "not comfortable," it was "obviously do-able."

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