Nikki Blonsky: I'm Bullied Every Day


ET's Rocsi Diaz sat down exclusively with Hairspray star Nikki Blonsky in which she set the record straight regarding the images of her sweeping the floor in a hair salon.

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Blonsky explains that she did not work in the salon but rather was helping a friend, stating, "I actually never worked in a salon. That was a story that was out there and it wasn't true, but it's funny the things that people make up when you're not working. I had just gotten my hair done and my friend said, 'Hey can you put makeup on me? I'm going to a wedding.'" She goes on to say, "People think I do so many different things. Some people ask me if I still scoop ice cream because I used to work at Cold Stone Creamery before Hairspray. Some people think I'm on set 24/7. People think all crazy things. If I switch this ring to this finger, I'm instantly married. People will get images of all different things, so you have to run with it. If I read every single tweet that something about me, I'd go nuts, so I just ignore it."

When asked if she feels Hollywood drove fellow Hairspray co-star Zac Efron to his addiction problem, Blonsky concedes that she endured the pressures of living life in the spotlight, telling Diaz, "As an actor I'm publicly bullied every single day. I get nasty tweets, and it shocks me that people actually take the time to mean tweet me, [saying,] 'Oh, you're ugly. You're fat,' Yeah, I am on the heavy side. Tell me something I don't know."

Blonsky can be seen in the upcoming film Geography Club, which will be in select theaters starting November 15.

Tune in to ET tonight for more of Rocsi's interview with Blonsky.