Brooke Mueller's Sober Coach on Her Sobriety


ET's Brooke Anderson sat down exclusively with Carmine Thompson, the sober coach to Charlie Sheen's ex-wife Brooke Mueller, in which they discussed Mueller's sobriety and her ongoing custody battle with Sheen as well as actress Denise Richards with regard to her twin four-year-old boys.

While discussing the current accusations of Mueller's sobriety, specifically Adderall, Thompson declared, "It's absolutely incorrect. Brooke has been tested twice a week if not more... She has done two separate follicle tests; we test her constantly. She was literally tested yesterday because of [the] incorrect report..." Thompson goes on to say, "I'm obligated to report things and there's just no way I'm sinking my own credibility for anybody."

When asked by Anderson if he believes Mueller is fit to have custody of her children Thompson states, "I would say absolutely...There's nothing she won't do with these children. She is a fantastic mother."

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