Anne Geddes' Secret to Photographing Babies


Renowned photographer Anne Geddes has been working with babies for 30 years and now she's revealing her simple secret to baby photography.

"Unless you make them really comfortable, you don't get any of the results that you want," said Geddes, who took ET behind the scenes and shared the first images of the 2014 Heartfelt calendar. "For me it's 10 percent photography and 90 percent keeping babies happy."

The key to a baby's comfort seems to be warmth, but it might cost you a pretty penny. Geddes says that sheepskin is an all-time favorite among her past subjects.

"Newborn babies react very well to wool, but as soon as you put them on sheepskin rugs it's a natural to them," said Geddes. "They just snuggle in there."

The Heartfelt calendar is available now.