Matt Lauer Wore 'Testicle Vice' For Halloween


Matt Lauer put a smile on America's face when he dressed up as Pamela Anderson for Halloween, and the Today show host dished to Ellen DeGeneres about how much he had to sacrifice in order to pull off his homage to the Baywatch star.

"The hardest part is putting on the device," said Lauer, explaining that he had to tuck away his manhood in order to convincingly play a woman in a one-piece bathing suit. "It's called a concealer," Lauer continued. "If they used the name that's more appropriate -- if they described it as a testicle vice -- then I probably wouldn't have used it."

With his newfound gift of mimicry, Lauer later joined DeGeneres in recreating a Kathie Lee and Hoda segment.

Watch the video for more.

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