Say What?! McConaughey Writes Raps!

Getty Images

"It is not about whether you win or lose. It is whether you accept the challenge.” This is just one of 821 "aphorisms, bumper stickers, truths, and rhymes" that Matthew MConaughey has come up with and collected over the years, and now, he's transitioning into rap lyrics.

The Dallas Buyer's Club star shares one of his rap lines with GQ magazine, reading: "Rollin' through yellow lights on my skateboard, he speak-sings. Kiss the fire and walk away whistlin'."

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The publication points out that on "the door of his Airstream trailer," there's one of the actor's best known on-screen quotes: "Just keep livin'." This, of course, comes from his slacker character Wooderson in the 1993 cult classic Dazed and Confused. McConaughey, 44, is such a fan of the quip that he has named both his foundation, J.K. Livin, and his clothing line, JKL, after it.

The tagline for his JKL line is "Find your frequency," which the actor seems proud to chat about. "That's a goooood one. You get that, don't you? We all have a frequency, where things are clicking. I can adapt better. I'm catching more green lights. You know what I mean?"

"Alright, Alright, Alright!" Do you have a favorite McConaughey-ism?