Has Jenna Jameson Returned to XXX Films?


Former XXX queen Jenna Jameson sets the record straight about her bizarre TV interview last month, plus gives ET's Brooke Anderson an update on her struggle to reunite with her twin children, whom she says he hasn't seen in four months, and gives a clarification on the rumors that she has returned to adult films.

"It's really hard for me to deal with not seeing my children, knowing that I raised those children and [my ex] didn't," she says. "I'm fighting, and I will never stop fighting for my boys."

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Jenna's twin sons have been under the full custody of her ex, mixed martial arts fighter Tito Ortiz, and she tells Brooke that she can see them only two days a week, but must pay a mediator $600 per hour to accompany her when she wants to spend time with them -- something she does not want to on principle.

"I don't believe in having to pay to see my children," she says. "It's wrong, and [Tito] knows it's wrong, but this is really about him trying to hurt me, and in reality it's going to hurt our children."

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Watch the video for more details, including Jenna's explanation of whether or not she has jumped back into adult films.

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