Rocsi Opens Up on Eating Disorder


As she sits down with a recovering anorexic, ET's correspondent Rocsi Diaz gets emotional as she reflects upon her own experience with an eating disorder.

"When I was in high school and in junior high, I used to starve myself," Rocsi candidly admitted as she spoke with 16-year-old recovering anorexic Audrey Everist. "I was a cheerleader and I was completely obsessed with trying to be skinnier and skinnier."

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Rocsi revealed that she formed her conception of what her body should look like based upon the celebrities and models she saw in magazines.

"I was obsessed with looking at the magazines and seeing how I can get skinnier. I would look at girls like Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton and I saw how skinny they were and I thought that was the norm."

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Now constantly surrounded by celebrities like Richie and Hilton working as a correspondent for ET, Rocsi frankly confesses that it hasn't been easy for her, but she's learned the value of self-control.

"I can't tell you that it's been easier being in this industry. Being in Hollywood hasn't been easy, but then when you learn the self-control and you learn that you never want to go back in that's lifesaving," she said.

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