Ireland Baldwin Calls Newspaper 'Bunch of Cowards'

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After supporting her father through his tough time, Alec Baldwin's daughter Ireland is standing up for herself with regard to a headline in The New York Daily News.

The newspaper put the teenager on the cover of their Monday paper with the header, "Little Pig" to the Rescue!, after Ireland posted several tweets in support of her father. The headline refers to a 2007 voicemail in which Alec called his daughter a "thoughtless, little pig." Now, Ireland is reacting to the article, which she feels presented a distorted view of her.

"I've dealt with a lot this past week," Ireland posted to her Instagram account. "This has been a particularly rough week for many reasons. When I saw this earlier today, I didn't really give two shits about it. I thought the little pigs children's fable reference was a clever touch. When I revisited this article, I saw it for what it really is. Everyone tells me to stop paying attention to what others are saying, but it's hard. This hurts. I am a human being, believe it or not. I am also not a celebrity. This is not what I would ever want to be known for. I am so tempted to delete my twitter and all other social media outlets, but I won't because the small following of loyal friends I have, has been one of the greatest support systems that I could ever ask for. Thousands of strangers that feel as though I've known all of them my entire life.

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"I did not STAND UP for my father. It is never right to treat people the way that he has. I simply wanted to show my support for my family. No matter what, my dad is my dad and he is the only one I will ever have. He may have made some wrong choices, but that doesn't mean I'm leaving his side. The past is past and the Daily News are a bunch of cowards for revisiting my past. In the end, I feel nothing but sorry for them. If any of the reporters there even had children or families to love, I'm sure they would understand where I'm coming from."