Denise Richards 'Sick' Over Leaked Court Letter


Denise Richards opened up to ET's Nancy O'Dell on the set of her new show Twisted, speaking for the first time about the private letter she wrote to the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services that was leaked earlier this month.

In the letter, Richards gives up her guardianship of her ex Charlie Sheen's twins Bob and Max, alleging that the boys hurt her children.

Richards revealed to O'Dell that she was embarrassed when the letter went viral, and feels that it is her children who are ultimately affected by the leak.

"I was sick about it," Richards said when asked how she reacted to the letter going public. "I was embarrassed because it was such a personal thing, and then I thought maybe I should've done it differently."

Richards has her suspicions of who's responsible for the leak, as the email was only seen by a handful of people.

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Despite this controversy Richards maintains that she and Sheen have an amicable relationship.

"We have our little moments, but we get past it the next day," Richards said. "We live down the street now. We can walk to [Sheen's] house."

While her personal life may have hit a rough patch, Richards' career is soaring. O'Dell learned that Ivan Sergei will be playing Richards' Twisted love interest.

"He's not too bad to look at and he is so incredibly nice," Richards raved.

Twisted returns to ABC Family on Tuesday, February 11 at 9/8c.