Denise Richards on Shielding Kids from Paparazzi


While she's been shoved in the middle of ex Charlie Sheen's custody battle with his ex Brooke Mueller, Denise Richards has one primary concern -- keeping the mudslinging out of earshot of her kids.

Richards spoke to ET's Nancy O'Dell exclusively about her classy tactic for preventing paparazzi from asking inappropriate questions when she's out with her eight and nine-year-old daughters.

"As soon as they come up to me, I'm like, 'Don't say anything [in front of the girls],' because there's usually something going on," said Richards.

One part of her life that she's happy to share with her kids is her ABC Family show, Twisted, and her daughter Sammy is a fan.

"Sammy said, 'Mom your show is really good,'" Richards told Nancy. "I was like, 'Thank you!' They have never watched anything of ours. I was actually really touched that she was watching it."

Twisted returns to ABC Family on Tuesday, February 11 at 9/8c.