Miley and Bieber Make 'Least Influential' List

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Sorry Beliebers and Smilers. GQ magazine has put Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber pretty high up on their list of the Least Influential People of 2013.
So, what's their reasoning for putting these pop stars in the top 10?

This list, compiled by Drew Magary, ranks those "people who've overstayed their turns in the spotlight and used their fame for not a good godd**n thing in 2013."

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Cyrus, who ranks No. 6, made the list because, Magary writes, "Didn't we already go through this with Madonna, and Janet Jackson, and Britney [Spears], and Xtina [Aguilera], and that one video in which Alanis [Morissette] was naked on a subway with her hair in front of her boobs and it was really awkward for everyone?"

That being said, Bieber, 19, ranks even higher than Cyrus, 21, coming in at No. 4. Saying of the Baby heartthrob, "When you're a just-legal megastar raising hell and being a brat, people will still give you a chance. They'll blame the money and the fame and probably your parents. But once you lose the baby fat, there are no viable excuses. You are officially just a little sh** for pi**ing in buckets and cursing out Bill Clinton and writing the exact wrong thing in the guest book at the Anne Frank house and spitting on people and having your monkey confiscated. Also, he dresses like a blind magician."

Do you think Cyrus and Bieber should have made this list?