Judd Praises Husband's Positivity despite Accident


Wynonna Judd was given quite the scare when her husband was involved in a life-threatening motorcycle accident last year, but his will to overcome the injury and remain positive has amazed her.

Judd and her husband, musician Cactus Moser, were riding on their motorcycles last summer when he lost control of his bike and hit a car. Despite serious injuries, including an amputation of his left leg, Moser has made a full recovery and maintains a positive outlook on life that wows his wife.

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"When you feel as helpless as I do, and you see somebody who's gone through what he's gone through—he's just never, and I mean never, the victim," Judd lauded. "He is such a 'Honey, I can see the victory in this album that we're making together, in the tour' [kind of person]. ... He has to work so hard at just walking. ... I've never seen anybody so driven."

With Cactus back up to par, he is now taking strides to support the Steps of Faith Foundation, a non-profit that provides prosthetics to those who can't afford them, as his prosthetic leg has made his post-accident life much easier.

As the holidays approach, he is gearing up to join Judd on her "A Simpler Christmas" tour, which begins December 3. Although he and his wife have developed a professional rapport with Cactus as her producer as well, they still do their best to keep their marriage fresh.

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"I married my best friend and the passion is there. ... He's the only man I've ever sexted because we work together. We're together all the time, so you have to think of those special little moments," Judd candidly shared. "...I write something sexy so we can look forward to tonight. ... We're not just a working couple. ... We can actually have passion in our marriage."

As for the professional dynamic between the two, Judd admits that it initially took concerted patience to listen to his suggestions but she's now grown accustomed to taking his advice.

"He's got his own identity. That's really hard sometimes 'cause I do want to tell him, 'Do you know how famous I am?' and [have] him submit to that," the 49-year-old country songstress said. "I want to be able to be heard and be right, but...our life coach said...'Would you rather be right or be loved?... I want to be loved."

Watch the video for more from Judd and her husband. Wynonna & The Big Noise's "A Simpler Christmas" begins December 3.