Surveillance Video of Paul Walker's Crash

Surveillance Video of Paul Walker's Crash

While the coroner's office is not expected to release details from Paul Walker's examination until tomorrow, surveillance footage of Paul Walker's crash could reveal clues as to what happened.

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The video file was taken from the VITEK Industrial Video Products Headquarters, which is located across the corner from the accident site. The company states that "the VITEK ENVI Series IP Camera -- after digital zoom from over 500 ft. -- is able to determine the direction the car was moving and the fact that there was no other car immediately seen after the crash. This would indicate that they were likely not racing. Several cars pull over shortly afterwards and the emergency crew arrives quickly."

The company goes on to state, "We hope this footage helps to aid in the investigation and our hearts go out to the family of both Paul Walker and Roger Rodas."

Walker passed away at the age of 40 as the passenger in a limited-edition Porsche Carrera GT on November 30. The driver was reportedly friend Roger Rodas -- a financial advisor and CEO of Walker's specialty car dealership, Always Evolving.

Today, Universal announced that a portion of proceeds from the Blu-ray, DVD and digital releases of Fast & Furious 6 will be donated to Walker's Reach Out WorldWide charity organization.

VITEK Industrial Video Products is a manufacturer of quality Video Surveillance products established in 1998.