LL Cool J On Nelson Mandela's Legacy


The world was shaken on Thursday by the passing of anti-apartheid peace advocate Nelson Mandela.

People the world over have been mourning the loss of this geopolitical hero since word of his passing. Everyone from political figures to celebrities have been praising Mandela and the work that he has done.

Actor and musician LL Cool J, who is set to host the Grammy Nominations Concert tonight, shared his thoughts on the late Mandela when ET caught up with him at rehearsal.

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"He just showed the world what a difference one person can make," said the artist. "The principles of moderation, courage, truth, justice, wisdom, he represented those principles, those eternal principles, that go beyond ego, that go beyond the mundane, everyday silliness that we deal with."

"He was a special guy," LL Cool J added. "And may he rest eternally."

Mandela passed away at his home in Johannesburg, South Africa of a lung infection at the age of 95.