The Most Talked About Men of 2013


Justin Bieber hit a few rough patches in 2013, but there is a silver lining to the clouds he encountered this year. The pop star landed on Bing's list of most searched people!

The Biebs ranked No. 6 on Bing's end-of-year list.

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This marked an up-and-down year for the teen heartthrob, who released new music and went on a world tour, but also had a few spats with neighbors and the paparazzi.

Bieber also ranked high as one of ET's most talked about men of the year, landing at No. 4 on a list that included Michael Douglas (10), Tom Cruise and Charlie Sheen (9), Hugh Jackman (8), Matt Damon (7),
Bradley Cooper (6), Ben Affleck (5), George Clooney (3), Brad Pitt (2) and Kanye West (1).

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