The Most Talked About Women of 2013


With her Super Bowl performance, autobiographical documentary and surprise album, Beyoncé was on everyone's mind this year. The international superstar was Bing's most searched person of the year and ET's fourth most talked about woman of the year.

Bey chalked up her 99th ET mention when she dropped her self-titled album on Friday, which quickly became iTunes' fastest-selling album ever. The "visual album" sold more than 800,000 copies in just three days!

Also on ET's list: Angelina Jolie (10), Katy Perry (9), Sandra Bullock (8), Taylor Swift (7), Jennifer Lawrence (6), Jennifer Lopez (5), Miley Cyrus (3), Oprah Winfrey (2) and Kim Kardashian (1).

Miley Cyrus also made Bing's most searched person list, landing at No. 9.

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