Chris Brown Has Probation Revoked

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Appearing in a Los Angeles courtroom for a hearing, Chris Brown had his probation revoked on Monday, Dec. 16.

As a result of his assault charge stemming from a physical altercation with then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, the singer received five years of probation. Now, in light of his recent assault charge in Washington D.C., Brown's probation has been revoked, according to court documents.

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In addition to the previous terms of his probation, Brown's probation officer recommended to the court on Monday that Brown no longer be allowed to use medical marijuana during his probation.

In the court documents, the officer says that Brown appears to possess a "more serious and responsible demeanor and is responding well to dual diagnosis treatment program changes in medication."

Brown was ordered by the court in November to serve 90 days in a residential treatment facility and perform at least 24 hours of community service per week.

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The probation officer revealed in the update that he suggested that Brown transition to a sober-living program after his 90-day rehab stint is up, but says that Brown didn't think it a good idea because his issues are with anger management and not addiction.

The officer added that Brown also said he didn't think it would be good for his career as a "full artist" if he were to do so.

Brown is scheduled to return to court in February for another progress report.