Orlando Got 'Comfortable' Going Full Frontal


You won't believe how at ease Orlando Bloom was while shooting a full-frontal scene for his film Zulu.

"I got in the best shape of my life for that movie," he tells ELLE magazine of playing Brian Epkeen in the crimedrama. "It was quite amusing walking around set and seeing the crew avert their eyes at first. Then there were a few more people watching playback. I got so comfortable with it I could brush up behind someone and go, 'Oh, excuse me.'"

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The sexy talk didn't stop there for the 36-year-old actor. When asked what the first thing he thought of after he seriously broke his back when he was in drama school (doctors weren't sure he would walk again), Bloom joked, "Will I be able to have sex again?"

Following his divorce earlier this year from supermodel Miranda Kerr, Bloom, who's currently staring on Broadway's Romeo and Juliette, says he still believes in love. "I'm completely in love with the idea of love. Maybe I’m all misty about it because I’m playing Romeo. But I really believe in, you know, that sort of heart-to-heart connection."

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Adding of his relationship with women thanks to his sexyhero roles, "I'm sure I was a great disappointment to many women because I wasn't [actor] Errol Flynn. I'm me. I think that's got some merit."

ELLE's January issue hits newsstands today, Dec. 17.