Norris Spoofs Van Damme in Epic Airplane Split


It all started with an much-viewed stunt by the "Muscles from Brussels" Jean-Claude Van Damme -- who displayed his incredible flexibility by doing the splits atop two Volvo cargo trucks for a commercial. Then came a Channing Tatum parody performed on two food carts on the set of 22 Jump Street. And now, butt-kicking martial arts expert Chuck Norris gets CGI'd to pull off the most elaborate display yet -- performing the splits between two airplanes while balancing men on his head!

Watch the CGI parody to see the Western wear-clad rendering of the Expendables 2 star dazzle while floating above the clouds between two jets in a slickly-produced holiday greeting, titled "Greetings From Chuck (the epic Christmas split), from the Hungarian animation company Delov Digital!

VIDEO: Van Damme's Volvo Split is All Sorts of Awesome