What Does Kimye Have Planned for Their Wedding?

What Does Kimye Have Planned for Their Wedding?

Kim Kardashian was the second most searched person on Bing in 2013 and with her upcoming wedding to Kanye West approaching, her popularity isn't likely to wane any time soon.

Kim, who will be marrying for the third time, hasn't thought too much about the details of the ceremony, but she seems to be bringing lessons from previous marriages into this relationship.

"One thing I will do is probably not share as much information as before," said Kim. "I think that helps."

Kanye has remained tight-lipped about any special surprises for the nuptials, but he did offer one clue, implying that fighter jets could be involved.

While the event is sure to be spectacular, Kanye revealed to Ryan Seacrest that the couple will still hold to some key traditions.

The Grammy winner confirmed that Kim will take his last name and that he will wear a wedding band.

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