Amanda Bynes: From Young Star to Unemployable


The past year proved to be a difficult one for Amanda Bynes, who became better known for her erratic behavior than her work on the big screen.

Bynes, who found fame at a young age as a Nickelodeon star, seemed to be headed towards a promising career in her adulthood with prominent roles in such films as Easy A, Hairspray and She's the Man. After her run-ins with the law, vulgar tweets and psychiatric hold, a continuing TV and film career seems less likely.

"She was compared to a young Lucille Ball," said Sophie Schillaci of The Hollywood Reporter. "Right now, in her current state, she's not employable."

Still Schillaci maintains that not all hope is lost and Bynes might be able to find redemption in Hollywood.

"I think that if she has the right help she could get back to where she was," said Schillaci.

Bynes is currently living at home with her parents in Thousand Oaks, California.