Jane Seymour: Bikini Pics Started as a Joke


Former ET host Mary Hart sat down with Jane Seymour on Thursday, getting the 62-year-old Franklin & Bash star to open up about the sizzling bikini photos in Closer Weekly that were originally taken as a joke.

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While Jane sent the Internet into frenzy with the snapshots flaunting her flawless bikini figure, she told Mary that she didn't set out with the intention of showing her body to the world. Jane revealed that the bikini was a gift from a friend.

"I said, 'You must be joking. That is the most ridiculous gift I've ever seen anyone give anyone at 62,'" Jane told Mary. "I didn't wear one when I was 17."

But wear it she did when her son met her on her birthday empty-handed. Jane jokingly suggested that her son take bikini photos of her on the beach as her birthday present.

Mary interviewed Jane at her Malibu home, where she raised her now-18-year-old twins with estranged husband James Keach. Jane, who had been married three times before, separated from James last year. She told Mary that the breakup was "not [her] choice."

"Obviously it's incredibly sad," Jane said of the split. "We see each other and speak to each other three or four times a day ... If I didn't have my friends and my sisters, I think this would have been devastating."

Prior to the separation, the couple had been married for 20 years.

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