Denver Broncos Take the ET Celeb Quiz


While the Denver Broncos prepare their Xs and Os for Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, ET's Rocsi Diaz is asking the hard-hitting questions -- namely how good is their celebrity gossip knowledge?

From guessing the identity of a cheerleader-turned-Oscar-nominee to the name of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby, watch these gridiron warriors struggle to conquer Rocsi's challenge.

Even eight-time NFL Pro-Bowler Deion Sanders got in on the action, revealing his excitement for the halftime performances. Fans will remember that Deion dropped an album in the '90s. The music video for his most popular song, Must Be the Money, provided the basis for Willie Beamen's music video in Any Given Sunday.

Click the video to see if Deion can still bust a tune.

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