REPORT: Bieber Released After Jet Searched for Pot

Getty Images

Justin Bieber has been released from federal custody without charges after no pot was found on his plane at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey on Friday, Page Six reports.

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According to the news source, authorities suspected that the jet might be carrying marijuana when US Customs officials detected what they believed to be "a strong odor of pot." Subsequently, the plane was reportedly held for drug-sniffing dogs. Two dogs seemingly indicated that two pieces of luggage were containing marijuana, but the search ended with no drugs found, Page Six reports.

Bieber was believed to be arriving from his native Canada to attend the Super Bowl festivities over the weekend, according to the news source.

This news comes after the 19-year-old embattled pop star was charged with assault after surrendering to Toronto police on Wednesday.

Bieber is also due in Miami court on February 14 for a DUI case.