Chris Tucker Talks Bieber: 'He's A Great Kid'


Jay Z rocked the house at the DirecTV Super Bowl Eve party, held in New York City at the Hudson River Park Pier 40 on Saturday, February 1.

The party was invite-only, and some of Hollywood's biggest celebs from film and television came to celebrate, and experience some amazing music.

ET was there, talking to the celebs about the big game, and even came away with some good advice for Justin Bieber, courtesy of actors Michel B. Jordan and Chris Tucker.

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"Unfortunately, him being in the spotlight since he was a really young age, he didn’t really get a chance to make mistakes without the world experiencing it with him," said That Awkward Moment star Michael B. Jordan. "I could make my mistakes and the world doesn't know about it the next day. You've got to feel for him."

"Hopefully somebody will get around him and point him in the right direction," Jordan added. "But you can't judge anybody. We all are flawed."

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Silver Linings Playbook
star Chris Tucker shared a similar sentiment.

"I know Justin Bieber, I've bumped into him a few times. He's a great kid," Tucker said. "But he has stuff a normal teenager doesn't have. He has fame and money and stuff. Just realize that a lot of younger kids are looking at you, and just be smart about it. We all go through stuff, we've all been there… We should be encouraging to him, instead of trying to down him."

Check out the video for more from the stars of DirecTV's Super Bowl Eve Party.