Behind the Scenes with Stars at the Super Bowl


ET's Rob Marciano was behind-the-scenes at the Super Bowl and caught up with the stars who were on hand for the big game.

Rob interviewed celebs as they arrived at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, and was on the field during the game and halftime show performance with Bruno Mars. While Bruno didn't stop to do interviews after the show, his brother, Eric Hernandez, did speak about the performance that also included the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

"The reality is this is the biggest stage ever. So we all knew that, but
we had to treat it as it's a normal show," Eric said. "We trained for
it, we've been out here for a week, we played out there in the cold... I
think we pulled it off today, it feels really good."

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Queen Latifah -- who kicked off the game with a soulful rendition of America the Beautiful along with a local youth chorus -- admitted she had some butterflies before the performance. "If anything it's just the excitement of it. You wanna do a great job because you're in front of America, the world, your family and your friends, so you just want to do a great job," she said.   

Rob also caught up with Brooklyn Nine-Nine stars Terry Crews and Andy Samberg and Andy talked about hanging out with the cast of Saturday Night Live for Seth Meyers' last show. "We were there to support Seth. He's been there for so long, he's the heart of the show, he's our great friend and we love him. It was emotional, but good."

Katie Couric said she was glad that New York was being showcased during the week of Super Bowl activities and she also shared her experience attending the 60th birthday party of Howard Stern. "It was crazy, but it was so much fun though. Because I think everybody loves Howard or they're afraid of him," she joked. "I think we were all just there celebrating this guy who's been authentic and has never changed who he is, and everybody just celebrating how crazy and wonderful he is."

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Also on hand to perform before Sunday's big game were the three siblings who make up the country music group The Band Perry. "For one, we enjoy playing country music, but two, we're also big fans of football," said Neil Perry. "We're rooting for the Broncos today and are huge Peyton Manning fans -- so it's just exciting to be here."

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