Philip Seymour Hoffman's Recent Heroin Confession

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Philip Seymour Hoffman confessed to a stranger at the Sundance Film Festival that he was a heroin addict, according to a magazine publisher who reports that his chance encounter happened just two weeks ago in Park City, UT. 

Speaking to the New York Post's Page Six, Washington Life magazine co-publisher John Arundel recalled that he didn't immediately recognize the Oscar-winning actor and asked what he did for a living. "He said, 'I'm a heroin addict,'" Arundel said.

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The publisher added that Hoffman -- who was attending the Sundance Film Festival to promote his film God's Pocket and other projects -- then took off his "sloppy hat" and he recognized his mistake, saying "Oh, you're Philip Seymour Hoffman." 

He said the actor replied, "Bingo!" and then added, "I just got out of rehab." Arundel said the exchange made it obvious that Hoffman wanted people to know that he was in recovery mode. 

Police investigators have said that Hoffman, 46, was found dead Sunday afternoon inside his New York City apartment with a syringe in his arm and with baggies at the scene believed to contain heroin.

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