Obama: Please No Spoilers for 'House of Cards'

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President Barack Obama was among the fans of the Netflix original series House of Cards to get a Valentine's Day present when the entire new season of the political drama was released on Friday morning. But the leader of the free world made it clear he didn't want to see any "spoilers" before he gets to view the new episodes.

A message posted on Obama's official Twitter account on Thursday read:

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The popular Emmy-nominated show stars Oscar winner Kevin Spacey as the ruthless Democratic congressman Francis Underwood, who works with his high-powered wife, portrayed by Robin Wright, to exact revenge on people who betray him.

Obama has already identified himself as a big fan of the show and last month during a meeting with executives from technology and media companies he addressed Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, "I was just wondering if Reed brought advance copies of House of Cards."

The president was even once given an invitation to appear on the show and remarked at the time, "I wish things were that ruthlessly efficient." He added: "I was looking at Kevin Spacey. I was saying this guy is getting a lot of stuff done."

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