Buzzmakers: Shirley Temple Dies, Duggar Sex Tips

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What had ETonline readers buzzing this week?

1. Shirley Temple Black Dies

Legendary child actress Shirley Temple Black passed away on Monday night, Feb. 10. She was 85.

The actress, perhaps best known for her 1930s films Little Princess, Bright Eyes and Heidi, died in her Woodside, Calif. home, her nephew Richard Black told The Hollywood Reporter. She had recently begun hospice care.

Temple is survived by her three children, her daughter Linda from her marriage to John Agar, and her son Charles and daughter Lori from her marriage to Charles Black.

Temple, who served as a foreign ambassador and diplomat for four U.S. presidents, won a Screen Actors Guild's Life Achievement Award in 2006. "When I was 3 years old, I was delighted to be told that I was an actress, even though I didn't know what an actress was," she said during her acceptance speech. "I have one piece of advice for those of you who want to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award: Start early!"

2. The Duggars Offer Their Sex & Love Tips

As couples everywhere prepare to celebrate Valentine's Day tomorrow, one of the reality world's most famous couples -- Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar -- are using the opportunity to offer their top seven sex and love tips for a long, happy marriage!

Responding to Today show viewers, the stars of 19 Kids and Counting gave their candid responsesto questions about how the couple maintains a healthy marriage while managing their busy household.

1. Say yes to sex, even when you're tired. Michelle recounted for Today moms some advice a friend gave her before she got married in 1984. "She said, 'In your marriage there will be times you're going to be very exhausted. Your hubby comes home after a hard day's work, you get the baby to bed, and he is going to be looking forward to that time with you.'" She continued: "'Be available. Anyone can fix him lunch, but only one person can meet that physical need of love that he has, and you always need to be available when he calls.'"

2. But give it a rest sometimes. Michelle revealed that she and Jim Bob abstain from sex when Michelle has her period, and also for a few months after childbirth. "When you've missed it for seven days, you look forward to it even more," Michelle told Today.

3. Treat your wife like a queen. Jim Bob said it's important that both partners treat each other equally when it comes to pampering and planning special moments. "That's key in a relationship, the husband needs to cherish his wife and always treat his wife like a queen," he said.

4. The strong, silent type is overrated. Michelle said she believes that while many men wouldn't do it, she feels it's important that Jim Bob "shares his heart with me, his struggles, his fears and his dreams."

5. Perfectionism kills romance. Jim Bob revealed that placing unrealistic expectations on a relationship can be a bad idea and warned that expectations can sometimes sabotage relationships.

6. Make time for date night. Jim Bob revealed that the couple often heads to Michelle's favorite ice cream shop, for what he describes as "a really special time."

7. Never stop learning. Even after three decades of marriage and 19 kids, Jim Bob and Michelle told Today mothers that they are still open to discovering other couples' advice for a happy marriage.

3. Julia Roberts' Half-Sister Dies of Apparent Drug OD

Julia Roberts' half-sister Nancy Motes, 37, has died of an apparent drug overdose.
"It is with deep sadness that the family of Nancy Motes ... confirms that she was found dead in Los Angeles yesterday of an apparent drug overdose," her family said in a statement. "There is no official report from the Coroner's office yet. The family is both shocked and devastated."

Motes was the youngest sister of both Julia, 46, and her brother actor Eric Roberts, 57.

4. LaBeouf Launches Bizarre Performance Art Exhibit

Following a string of bizarre antics in recent weeks that included wearing a paper bag over his head on the red carpet of the weekend premiere of his new film Nymphomaniac in Berlin, Shia LaBeouf has now launched a new performance art installation in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old star has rented gallery space that will showcase the exhibit -- called #IAmSorry -- which will be open to the public from Tuesday through Sunday at 7354 Beverly Boulevard, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A press release announcing the performance art show read: "Shia LaBeouf is sorry. Sincerely sorry. He will be in situ at 7354 Beverly Boulevard for the duration. Implements will be provided. Free admission."

After being let into the gallery, a woman seated behind a table invites visitors to choose one object from a selection of "implements," THR reported. A proposal obtained last month by THR indicated that several of the objects correspond to major films associated to LaBeouf's career, including a whip (Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull) and several Transformers toys. A bowl of Hershey's Kisses, a pair of pliers, a bottle of Brut cologne, a bottle of Jack Daniels and a bowl of folded up notes -- each bearing Twitter comments about LaBeouf, according to the proposal -- were also available for choosing.

The visitor is then led past a curtain into a tiny room, where LaBeouf sits at a small wooden table, with the now-famous paper bag declaring "I am not famous anymore" placed over his head, according to THR, which reported that the actor never broke eye contact, but responded with total silence to a series of questions. His only reaction came at the very end, in the form of a nodded acknowledgment after being thanked for the experience.

5. 'The Waltons' Patriarch Ralph Waite Dies

Ralph Waite, who played patriarch John Walton, Sr. on CBS' The Waltons, died on Thursday at the age of 85, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Waite starred on the long-running CBS series for nine seasons, playing the family man who worked at a lumber mill on Walton's mountain. The role earned him an Emmy nomination in 1978. The year prior, he was given an Emmy nomination for his supporting role in the mini-series Roots.

An accomplished actor, Waite also starred in classic films such as Cool Hand Luke, Five Easy Pieces, The Bodyguard and Cliffhanger. In 1990, he made an unsuccessful bid for a congressional seat in California's 37th District.

Waite continued working in his later years, appearing on Days of Our Lives, Bones and NCIS.